Perfect servant

Nanda-tanuja Dasa - January 29, 2007 7:54 pm

There are so many living entities around us. Their conciseness makes matter to reveal different bodies, so they can function in this material world. Why this cosmic manifestation is created during srsti-lila? For the pleasure of the Lord, because of His ecstatic dance of “I am. I understand. I am happy”. In our scale of reference human is the most advanced specie of life. Only in human form we ask question “Why I’m here?” we have to choose between right and wrong via our limited free will. Unfortunately most of the time humans, being egotistical animals, trying to be a perfect consumer – consume more, better, faster working the perverted formula “I have one life to live. I must live it to the fullest. I will be happy indulging myself.” So the question I have is who is better servant of God -- grass who just grows for Lord’s pleasure or spoiled humans who forgot about Him? Human form is so volatile, so many ways to commit offences, so many ways to harm other lives. It’s truly better to be a tree. But how fun the tree is to the Lord? How much tree loves the Lord? So much potential human life holds, so little we use it. Even our minuscule understanding of the tradition we are in gives us a false pride. Still we fall on the face all the time. When will I be so diligent to follow the path to the fullest? When will I be a perfect instrument in His hands?

Rama-priya - January 30, 2007 9:47 am
So the question I have is who is better servant of God -- grass who just grows for Lord’s pleasure or spoiled humans who forgot about Him?


My understanding is that grass or trees not necessary are aware that "we are servant of God" Grass and tress are for us as everything else around us to help us to come closer to real consciousnes how to be humble and tolerant especially that Lord Caitanya teaches this. We can see on His example how even grass or tree can remind us that we should be tolerant, humble ecc.

From another point of view all living beings are servant of God from one's nature, but not everyone is aware of it or have possibility to develop this. Human body is the best possibility. Because we have free will and material nature is so strong we can miss this opportunity. But even we neglect it Krsna goes after us anyway in different forms. Therefore material creation, srsti lila, is in order to help us to come closer, to come to love and know God. It is very good chance for us. Until we are in human body we have chance to understand God, in other bodies it isn't possible. We have scriptures, saints, Guru, so many things and if we make afford some effect will come in the future.

But of course grass that is aware of being servant of God and loves Him for example grass in Goloka is on better position than anyone in this material world who is fallen and don't serve God.

Madhumangala Dasa - March 9, 2007 7:04 pm

Isn't it true that in Goloka Vrindavan everything is animated, so even a single blade of grass is aware of it's consciousness and is fully engaging in Krsna-prema.

I know this might be silly, but I wonder that if since everything in the spiritual world has consciousness, if we will be able to interact with it all, such as speaking and singing with the animals and the trees, like Lord Caitanya in the Jharikhanda forest. How wonderful that would be, and only one more reason to want to get free from the prison of this material world and go back home to Godhead! I can't wait!!!

Swami - March 9, 2007 9:26 pm
So the question I have is who is better servant of God -- grass who just grows for Lord’s pleasure or spoiled humans who forgot about Him?



Someone said, "Humans are very useful, but they have one defect; they can think."


But human life is most precious, becasue with it comes som uch freedom; even the fredom to abuse freedom.


Are you sure that trees and grass are just growing for the pleasure of God? Perhaps they are reaping the result of freedom abused.

Nanda-tanuja Dasa - March 9, 2007 11:05 pm

I guess there is a difference between grass in Central Park and in Vrindavan. :Big Grin: