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Brahma Dasa - April 13, 2007 5:07 pm

Dear *******,


dandavat pranams. Swami B.V. Tripurari asked me to reply to your

questions. He gets a lot of different questions, so he sometimes asks

disciples to answer some of them. Since I am a bit of an expert on

Ekadasi (I have written one book on the subject, called "Dearest to

Vishnu"), he requested me to answer your letter.


Q: Could you please explain why somtimes fasting for some ekadashis is being

observed on the dvadashi?


A: According to the Hari-bhakti-vilasa, there are two reasons for

sometimes fasting on Dvadasi instead of Ekadasi. The first is if

Ekadasi is contaminated (viddhi) by Dasami by beginning too late. In

that case, it is not a Suddha Ekadasi, and one should fast on Dvadasi

instead. The second case is if the Dvadasi is a Maha-dvadasi, of which

there are eight different variants. In this case, the Dvadasi is even

more auspicious than the Ekadasi, and one should fast then. In

calenders such as the VCAL used in ISKCON, these calculations have

already been made, so you just need to follow the calender in order to

fast on the correct day.


Q: What is the procedure for fasting on apearance days of Sri Vishnu tattvas

when they occur the day after ekadashi or such dvadashi?


A: Since one has to break the fast at the correct time in the morning

after Ekadasi or Maha-dvadasi, one cannot fast on the following day

(i.e., Dvadasi or Trayodasi). For that reason, a fast prescribed for

that day has to be performed on the Ekadasi or Maha-dvadasi instead.

This is also usually indicated in the calender.


I hope this helps. My book contains much more information on these and

similar questions It can be obtained through my website:




Your servant,


Bhrigupada Dasa

Bhrigu - April 14, 2007 3:53 am

Brahmaji added the line on "my website" -- I wouldn't dare call the ATP website "my". :Nail Biting: But that aside, how is the updating of it going, Syamagopala? Have you had any chance to work on it?