How To Celebrate a Festival - Guarakisora Das Babaji Maharaj

Atmananda Dasa - November 15, 2007 5:16 pm

"It is very simple, Guarakisora Das Babaji Maharaj explained how to celebrate a festival. He told the few people who were gathered around him, "tomorrow is Srila Sanatan Prabhu's disappearance, and tomorrow we will have a wonderful celebration." They asked him where the would get the money for such a festival and he told them, "This will be the best festival, we will fast and chant Hare Krishna all day and all night. This is how paupers like us celebrate a festival."


Wherever one may be in the world they can have a wonderful festival by being absorbed in hearing and chanting.


And on another occasion, on Ratha Yatra, he very enthusiastically encouraged everyone around him to go attend the various celebrations that were being held around Navadvipa. Then when all the insincere people had gone away he told the remaining devotees, they have gone simply to look at the beautifully dressed women and eat rasagollas."