Harmonist Volunteers

Nitaisundara Das - April 4, 2009 4:22 pm

I am quickly realizing that we will have many many ideas for the Harmonist, so perhaps we need to get in place the people who will make them more than ideas. Pretty much all of the editors for individual genres have been solidified, so we need people willing to research and write, in addition to contributing ideas like what is already going on. In addition there will be seva such as transcribing excerpts from GM talks, compiling information for various Gaudiya tithis, and so forth. Some people could just commit to monitoring various websites and passing what they find along. Volunteers?


You can post here or email me, and if you have any preference of topics or whatever else, let me know.


GM has stressed more about this being an opportunity to engage his students than he has about this being an opportunity to preach to others, although both are there of course. Potentially many of us could have daily service in relation to the Harmonist. The more we commit we can begin to publish more content and/or more often.


Jaya Guru Maharaja!