NC 2009 lecture series MP3 out!

Guru-nistha Das - May 4, 2009 2:31 am

This year's North Carolina trip was simply amazing and it shows on the talks of Guru Maharaja, fueled by the enthusiastic crowds. It's not just our of courtesy when Guru Maharaja says that the listeners are 50% of the equation. Super inspiring stuff!


The talks' main themes are the generosity and superiority of bhakti. Guru Maharaja revisits the same theme thorughout and every time adds more to it or looks at it from a different angle, making it easy for the listener to clearly understand why bhakti is placed on a special pedestal. If you want to get more details about the talks, I started a topic about the tour in another thread.


There are eight talks on the CD and the price is the usual $15 plus shipping ($1 domestic, $2 world). All these talks will be released in the Audarya Audio monthly CDs, but if you are not subscribing to all the 4 CDs a month, this is the only chance to hear the talks!


Place your orders at: gurunistha@earthlink.net