Our preaching and material promises...

Devyah-pati Das SERBIA - April 29, 2010 6:46 pm

In their preaching, devotees often speak to the people about health

aspects of their vegetarian diet, and also about these and those

possible material benefits when people act like devotees are acting,

how devotees are living, etc.


One thing is sure, the forest is in the mode of goodness and as such

good for spiritual advancement. Even materialists can feel that they

are in lesser stress if they go to the nature or forest outside the city

or outside densely populated area.


But the problem arises when devotees try to impose to the people

different ideas that maby ordinary people would accept without

much thinking or research.


Still, there is this another type of people who are more informed

and do not easily accept things as they are presented to them.


One of such things that devotees often use in their preaching

is this point - "Vegetarians do not become ill with cancer." This

is simply not true. So many devotees and vegetarians became

ill and eventually died of cancer. This is also so with practically

all other diseases.


There are many points that are like this in the preaching of



To conclude, my understanding is that devotees should look to

understand better spiritual subject matter so that their preaching

can become spiritualy surcharged and oriented, and that they

should avoid all such kind of material "promises" to the people.