Prabhupada: Recreation? Dancing. (laughter)...

Devyah-pati Das SERBIA - May 2, 2010 1:22 pm

... "Devotee: What is recreation for a Krsna conscious person? Prabhupada: Recreation? Dancing. (laughter) Come on, dance with us. Is it not recreation? And when you get tired take prasadam. Do you want more recreation than this? What is your answer. Is it not recreation? Devotee: Yes. I think it is difficult for someone who comes from... Prabhupada: Why difficult? Dancing is difficult? Chant and dance? Devotee: It's easier for a devotee who lives in the temple. Prabhupada: Oh, but as you come come, anyone can come. Everyone is welcome. We don't charge anything for this dancing. You go to ball dance and so many other dances, you pay for it. But we don't charge. We simply, our, these students simply beg something because we have to maintain. We don't charge anything. So if you simply come and chant for recreation, it is very nice. Everything is there in Krsna consciousness. We want music, there is music. We want dancing, there is dancing. You can bring nice musical instruments, you can join. We distribute nice palatable dishes. So practically this is a system of recreation only. (laughter) Yes. If you seriously think, you'll find, this system, there is no labor at all. Simply recreation. Su-sukham. That is stated in the Bhagavad-gita in the Ninth Chapter you'll find, su-sukham. Everything is pleasing and happy. Find out anything in our system, that this is troublesome. Tell me practically, anyone. "This point is very troublesome." Just put your counterargument. Simply pleasing. It is simply recreation. That's all. You just point out, 'Swamiji, this point is not very recreation or not, that is unhappy position.' Nothing."