(More) Transcription Seva

Nitaisundara Das - November 10, 2010 4:32 am



I recently completed an Editing Certification Series from Berkeley Extension. Now Guru Maharaja would like to see me putting together articles and books like Sridhara Maharaja's—derived from transcriptions, pre-existing articles, Sangas, etc. He has wanted to see this happen for a long time. The first thing he wants to work on is putting together a book on the Catuh Sloki of Srimad Bhagavatam, including the two introductory verses. He has given classes on these throughout the years and quite a few just a couple years ago. He has also written about them here and there.


But the first step of course is transcribing these lectures, and that I can't do alone. There is various software available for this that make parts of your keyboard shortcuts to fast forward, rewind etc. I imagine there is some free ones but even if they cost something, it is not out of the question. If someone is commited and really knows how to type well we can look into a foot petal setup, where you control the speed with your foot.


There is also transcription software. This might be the best route if somebody had the determination to program it. With it, you play the audio and it types out the words. The difficulty is that it really takes some time to program (repeating words and typing in their spelling, etc), but if it was done once, it would make us able to transcribe things much faster. Rudrani prabhu used this technology to translate GM's Siksastakam into Spanish, although I know it frustrated her at times.


Anyway, this is something GM would really like to see happen. If you are interested please email me: Nitai@swami.org and we can get the transcriptions going.


Brhat Mrdanga Seva ki jaya!

Gauravani Dasa - November 10, 2010 11:53 am