subala (radharani's expansion)

Gaura-Vijaya Das - November 22, 2010 5:02 am

I was hearing one lecture in which GM spoke of subala as expansion of radharani. I had the understanding that all souls in madhurya rasa are expanded from radharani and all souls in other rasas expand from balarama. Perhaps priyanarma sakha is an exception. Sometimes it is written that ananga manjari is the representation of Balarama in madhurya rasa. On the other hand, ananga manjari is just expansion of Radharani, and same person who expands as Revati with Baladeva. Svarupa-sakti has three components: hladini sakti, sandhini and samvit. Radharani presides over hladini (sakti presides over another sakti), Baladeva sandhini sakti (which excludes expansions in madhurya rasa and priyanarma sakhas emanating from Radharani) and Vasudeva Krsna presides over samvit sakti. Full expression of svarupa sakti is supposed to be radharani but some parts of that svarupa sakti (sandhini and samvit) are presided by Baladeva and Vasudeva. And then where does yogamaya enter? Is yogamaya different from svarupa sakti? yogamaya also expands from radharani, I suppose and then subhadra is an aspect of yogamaya. Is Yashoda expanded from balarama or from radharani? All female (human form) kind of souls are expanded from Radharani or some are expanded from Balarama? Can someone solve the puzzle or is it even solvable.

. Does putting intellect into these things of expansions etc really help especially when the word expansion itself is a misnomer. Expansion implies beginning in time and nobody expanded into anything in the first place. People who actually participate in the lila don;t think of sorting all these things and people who are on the material side cannot sort out all these things in a logically inconsistent manner, so how important is to get this whole expansion detail sorted out.