Record GM instruction

Devyah-pati Das SERBIA - November 26, 2010 9:42 am

For me, the deepest spiritual experience is when I listen

to the lecutres and phonecalls of GM. I am often alone

at home, and every day (when working with souvenirs

that I produce for living), I listen his lectures.


His words fill the space, and I am in spiritual world...


There was no end to my happiness when on site

http://www.ustream.tv/channel/swami-darshan started

broadcasting of lectures, and when site

http://swamitripurari.com/ gave opportunity to listen

to so many older and new lectures. For this I offer

thousands of dandavats to the devotees who made

these things possible.


I met GM only once in my life, in Vrindavan in 1999.


This encounter lasted for 15 minutes (my personal

lava-matra experience). It was peaceful situation,

in his room, and I remember most of the things that

he said to me, that after 4 years brought about

change in my life.


I am sorry that I did not wrote down precisely what

he told me that time, but when I think now, I made

a mistake that I did not recorded the conversation.


Today, while listening Govardhan evening lecture

2010., I got inspiration to write here this posting,

with question-idea-suggestion that those fortunate

souls, who have personal contact with GM, ask GM

if they can record conversation with him.


This will be very helpful for them to get again and

again strength to execute his orders, and to more

precisely remember what he told them.


Maby GM will allow that only some part of the conversation

with him can be recorded, some personal instruction

or so, but whatever one can record in this situation

he can listen to it, again and again, and get more

firm in his spiritual life.