Jaya Gopal!

Kalpavrksa Das - August 4, 2004 4:10 pm

Everyday after lunch I become a servant of the cows that permanently reside here at Audarya. I rid their pen of any dung, rake, distribute sumptuous cow snacks to these very eager friends, and fill their troughs with fresh water. Cows are, of course, very dear to Krsna and the cows here at Audarya are very dear to our Guru Maharaja. These two charming facts combine to create a very nice platform for meditation as I scurry around on my knees collecting dung in the hot California sun. Any position, however seemingly low or unimportant, exercised in relation to the service of Sri Guru is a beautiful position if only we place our hearts there. In time, that beauty will grow and shine in the strength of it’s humility and as Sri Guru becomes pleased with our efforts to serve, Krsna will take note of us as well. In this way, I try to meditate and get the blessings of the cows and the Guru.


On some very special days Guru Maharaja comes out, dressed in his standard Audarya cow herding gear (overalls and a T-shirt), to the cow pen to bathe the cows. Today was one such special day. After bathing Goloka, Kishore, and Seva, Guru Mahraja took them for a walk around Audarya and then the cows all gathered around him as he sat at the deck to brush their freshly shampooed hair. I continued my service and when I next looked up Guru Maharaja was affectionately petting Goloka, they were eye to eye and it seemed as if they were sharing memories of Krsna lila. After having that thought, Guru Maharaja turned and asked me if I knew why Krsna was known as Gopal. I had an answer: Gopal is the protector of the cows, but I suspected that he had something special to share with me. He went on to say that cows are the only animals that are giving fully of themselves. They take a little grass, that is all, and they give milk and in this way they nourish human society by providing us with vital nutrients. We can make so much from milk (ghee, yogurt, butter, cream, burfi, curd, etc.) and the cow will actually give more milk than it is healthy for her to give without uttering a single complaint in the selflessness of motherly love. The cow is also giving so much dung, and the dung nourishes our gardens and can even power our homes as an alternative form of energy (methane). And still after having passed away, she gives the skin off of her own back and this is used to make the heads of the mrdanga. The mrdanga, an incarnation of Krsna’s flute, is eternally played in glorification of Krsna and his associates. From beginning to end the cow is giving everything and Krsna is their eternal protector.


Guru Maharaja told me that we are afraid to give everything because we worry about what will happen to us if we do, who will take care of us, who will protect us? But we don’t stop to think, and we don’t try it and see, that Gopal is the protector of those who give their every all. Then, with his eyes slightly pinched in thoughtful concentration he told me that there is so much we have to learn from these cows. Hearing this, Goloka inched in close to Guru Maharaja until, there noses touching, she kissed him in apparent approval and appreciation of Guru Maharaja’s instructive glorification of the cows. I looked on in great delight as Guru Maharaja’s face, decorated with his charming and warm smile began to glow. And my heart, filled with joy, continues to glow as I remember the great fortune that has befallen me.

Ken - August 21, 2004 3:02 am

Dear Kalpavrksa,

Your writing has always charmed me. But this little anecdote of life for you at Audarya -- and the realizations that can come from such humble service and topmost association -- truly melt my heart.


I can't imagine a better way to befriend God. Thank you for sharing. And I wish for you continued great fortune -- in service and association -- at Audarya.