Sadhana Sankirtan

Brahma Samhita Das - January 23, 2011 9:02 pm

Eventhough I am not qualifyed to write, I write for my own purification as I have discovered how intense kirtan is writing. (because it demands full concentration like SSM explains so nicely) Please correct me if you see something that needs to be corrected in my attitude or in the text itself...


Sadhana Sankirtan


Awakened before dawn by the alarm that needs to be confirmed by his inner conviction, he arises and with the aid of duty he avoids the temptations to crawl back into perverted nidra. While taking shelter of the Name he showers of apathy and proceeds towards the Yoga pitha for Worship. The aesthetic devotional expressions of our teachers follows, learning their way of living in prayer. Worshiping the Lord of our heart that have descended unto the altar according to revealed ritual accompanied by the most important Harinama.


Aum Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya.

The sounds that purify. For every morninglecture we are more and more conquered. A philosophy so vast, and yet in the end turns around to say, all this is not needed. We hear that later, when all doubts are defeated we should give up suspicion and discover the supersticion in the realm of lila. Find out with philosophy who is the reason of all reasons, but be surprised to discover that his being have no reason!

In true knowledge the veil of illusion turns transparent because the causes behind the effects becomes evident. But the truth behind the curtain is without cause! if we remain in a subjective analytical consciousness that nondual truth will engulf us like brahman, where poetry loses its meaning forever.

While those with devotional tendencies will desire to serve that truth inspired by its natural beauty and thus surrender themselfes to be carried away by shraddha devi to the variegated land of pure centreharmonious passions.


As the lecture comes to an end the Sadhaka faces the world again with all its duties, expectations, ambitions, desires, frustrations and organizations. He finds himself not in Vrindavan, but rather on the middle of the Kurukshetra battlefield. Attacked from all sides, internaly and externaly, he fears that the odds are impossible for victory.

Forced by the wave of time out of the comforts of introspection, into the hard work of sacrificing for others. He prays that his purpose will remain with him and not leave him fighting alone. Knowing his weak nature he always keeps the company of serious Vaishnavas and tryes to learn from them.


In a moment of despair the Sadhaka asks the Sadhu:

Dear Sadhu!

I know what I have to do. I know the basics of our wonderful philosophy and I have interest to learn more, but I have a problem.

I cannot connect the activities of my mind, body and senses with my Gaudiya ideal... What can I do?


Sadhu: Give birth to your introspective discoveries by applying them in the social interactions of life. Otherwise they will remain in an unrealized unmanifested state of theory. Start by serving the true selfinterest (service ego) of the near and dear Vaishnavas in your everyday life!

Sri Guru and Vaishnava lives in sound and as we get aquanted with their sound thrue their books and personal association they start living within you as their advice. The more we surrender to their advice, we install them like sound deities in our inner landscape, and thus develope internal relationship with them.

The more you disregard their advice the more they will become empty pictures on a dusty altar. The philosophy will become dry, the practice bothersome empty form,and you will lose yourself by taking advice of confused souls.

Try to develop true apreciation for the sound of Guru and Vaishnava and gradually that will bring the attention of all the levels of your existence. You say that you know how auspicious is their message. That is all you need to give it to others. And by giving it to others with personal example will attract the attention of mysterious Bhakti Devi to fill your inviting dutyfull sadhana with the substance of spontanious love.


The Sadhaka faces the world once more, supported by the consoling words of the Sadhu he walks with determination towards the streets of Kali yuga with a bag full of Transcendental sound from his Guardians. He proudly represents their pure sound by letting his tongue be used by his Guru. Just as the birds share their happiness with beautiful songs he became a singing philosopher by the touch of the pure devotee, sharing pure sound that invites everyone to the happy path towards perfection.

Eventhough his words to the people varied according to the different persons and their respective levels the spirit was one, making friends and to invite them within the affectionate glance of Sri Guru.


Leave your lonelyness in the cupboard of your selfish ego and come out to discover the bliss of giving care and affection! Lets throw away our masqueradelike attitudes together with social fear and appreciate all souls like brothers and sisters! Here is a soundsource that inexaustably pours forth charming truth that answers all existential questions and guides you individually towards your selfs fullness.


The Sadhaka felt joy. Eventhough not being able to taste the nectar of the fruit of Mahaprabhu, he could give that chance to others by distributing the message of his Guru!