MP3 VP offerings

Devyah-pati Das SERBIA - February 5, 2011 10:37 am

An idea came to my mind... :Idea:


Since we are living in modern times, when it is possible to make a MP3

voice recording, of personaly reading our Vyasa-puja offering to GM,

why not to do that?


Those who have the means to do that, could besides of their VP offering in

written form, and their photo, send also MP3 offering to GM, by recording

reading of their VP offering for GM.


In this way, GM could relax and just listen what we have to tell him, and

not need to read, and in this way even better get the sentiment of what

we would like to tell him.


Links for these MP3 offerings, could be placed on the same page with

written offerings of the devotees, where also their photo is, so that other

devotees could hear them as well. I am not sure if devotees read all the

offerings of other devotees. I personaly never do that, I read some of



In this way I would listen to all of recorded ones, since it is more

interesting. What I see also important, is that listening of such recordings

will bring us more close together in our group of disciples and followers

of GM, making this mission more compact, and more goal oriented

(to follow the idea of GM, the idea of what we should as a group of

his followers do).


I would like that senior devotees consider this proposal of mine.


I believe it is a good idea.


Maby even to ask GM as well, if he would like to have them in this form,

and maby just to surprise him with it :) (although he

is on the forum also, and will see the plan very soon).