Navadvipa bhava taranga

Kalpavrksa Das - August 14, 2004 12:00 am

43 O my dear mind! Just worship, just worship the forest of Godruma! By this you will very soon behold the transcendental treasure of Lord Gaura's pastimes. Seeing the vision of these pastimes, you will easily attain the eternally sportive play of Radha and Krsna. Only this will fulfil all your desires.


44 Godruma corresponds to the city of Nanda Maharaja in Braja known as Sri Nandisvara, which is the residence of the cowherd folk. Here Sri Gauranga performs various pastimes. After having a snack of milk products at a cowherd's house in the forenoon period, Nimai goes in the company of His gopa friends and tends the cows in the pasturelands.


45 The cowherd boys would say, "O brother, you are a gopa! Dressing like a brahmana boy does not suit you at all! Come on, I'll carry you on my shoulders and we'll go herd the cows. Let's head toward your mother's house in Mayapur.


46 One gopa would show great affection and give Him curds mixed with condensed milk, and another gopa would become agitated with love just by seeing the wonderfully beautiful form of the Lord. Yet another gopa would place fruits and flowers in His hand saying, "O brother! Please come to my house every day!"


47 "You are the worshipable deity for the brahmanas, but You are also the very purpose of life for us gopas. We cannot possibly forsake you - you are the only object of our meditation and consciousness. Just see the cows! On sighting you, they begin mooing and give up eating grass, even forgetting about their own calves!"


48 "Since it is now getting late, you should go home to your father's house and tomorrow we'll meet again at this place. I'll save some yoghurt, curds and condensed milk for you - but if you come late, I'll be very upset!"


49 In this way, Sri Gaura and Nitai play with the cowherd boys from day to day in the divine Godruma forest. If there is enough time, Gaura-Bhagavan again bathes in the river Ganga before proceeding home to Sri Sachi.


50 Will such a day ever be mine? When will I see the pure love-laden Godruma pastimes performed by the Lord in the mood of a cowherd boy playing with His cowherd friends?