The last Sanga post

Yamuna Dasi - April 10, 2011 8:50 am

I am writing this because I just couldn't resist to do what I usually do when I read a Sanga post, enjoy eternally, have some thoughts and try to remember some of the important points made there for using them in future for preaching and visioning the world.


But this time I don't want to be a mute reader, I would like to especially thank Maharaj for this Sanga post "Modern sensitivities"!

From such a post one can really understand why a living guru is needed... to make the subtle tuning of our mind and heart and when necessary to pacify the mind and attract the soul for the path of bhakti. I loved the way how Maharaj did this answering the first question about Mahatma Ghandi, establishing in a soft way the delicate balance between seeing the glory of a sincere spiritually inclined person but still not being blinded for the highest ideal. I was always thinking in what a difficult position a guru is - to criticize us for our own benefit and spiritual purification, but at the same time to do it carefully in order to prevent our false-ego's rebellious revolution to make us leave the path. Slapping with one hand while caressing with the other...


One of the great quotes from Ghandi which I am especially fond of (but is very rarely mentioned) is:

"Unfortunately the throne of Sri Guru remained empty in my heart."

The word "unfortunately" speaks eloquently for the greatness of Ghandi, being able to see that there is something essential missing in his life and this is Sri Guru. I can only guess why such a qualified person did not have this good fate as to find his guru, or did he miss to recognize him being so busy trying to help others and serve them... what could possibly be the reason for it... The lila of God and the curves of karma are so hidden sometimes that one cannot know what really happens and for what reason (obvious or hidden). Is it karma... or is it lila... or both in an incredible unity.

Reading Mahabharata the final amazement to which one can reach is HOW is it possible that the two games (of karma and lila) can be happening so simultaneously and in such an incredibly interpenetrating way if they are games with so completely opposing rules, justice being the code of the first and pleasure being the code of the other.


Maharaj, I have to admit that in the past there were some things that I was not able to accept (from things you said) and I still cannot (about the gay marriage or about Kama Sutra)... but I cannot but bow down to you for all the delicate and great service you do through your life and preaching! And I am so happy that I have such a spiritual Uncle who once called me "my niece"...


Dandavat, Maharaj!