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Madan Gopal Das - December 12, 2013 12:17 am

When posting in this forum please:


Name the topic, and the source in the topic title; i.e. "GM on bhavollasa rati - from FB"


Madan Gopal Das - December 13, 2013 3:53 pm

I'd appreciate some feedback on how to post some of these discussions, for example from Facebook. Many times, GM makes wonderful points in the context of a conversation, or other contributors make helpful points. I'd like to keep some of those conversations in this forum, but posting the whole thread may be difficult because of the length, etc. Ideas? Breaking it up into separate posts in one thread? Posting only GM's comments?


If Citta Hari reads this, I know he has downloaded the long conversation on FB a few years ago on bhavollasa-rati. I'd like that posted here, pretty please... its pretty difficult to find now.

Braja-sundari Dasi - December 15, 2013 2:37 am

I think I`ve already copied the discussion on bhavollasa (the one in Bhagavat Maharaja`s thread), unless you mean some other one. I didn`t copy totally irrelevant or offensive posts as far as I remember. It`s here,




First there is discussion about the thread and in the end I copied it all, starting from the bottom of page 3

Madan Gopal Das - December 15, 2013 4:14 am

Thanks Braja-sundari!!

Prema-bhakti - December 28, 2013 1:43 am

GM on "Person Bhagavata" from FB forum Gaudiya Vaisnavism: Real and Apparent


"Sri Krsnadas writes the following about this important precept:

"These two brothers (Gaura Nitai) remove the darkness from ones heart, causing one to directly meet two Bhagavatas. One Bhagavata is the great scripture—Bhagavata sastra. The other is the bhakta—the shelter of bhakti rasa. Through these two Bhagavatas these brothers give bhakti-rasa, and in turn their own hearts are controlled by such prema. One astonishing thing is that these brothers both appear at the same time. The other astonishing thing is the extent to which they illuminate the core of the heart."

The Upanisads are the earliest form of revelation on Earth. Vyasa’s Vedanta-sutra is the world’s first attempt at theology—making sense out of revelation. Such theologizing requires that one speak in some measure the language of love as well as that of reason.

Vyasa, as the prototype of the guru, speaks both languages. He is fluent in the Godhead’s language of the heart—Samadhi-bhasya—as well as the human language of the head. Sri guru is thus the “Person Bhagavata,” from whom we can learn the “Book Bhagavata.” Sri guru has solved the mystery of the heart and reasoned well about its significance. He or she brings the revelation, which is itself luminous, to light in an unprecedented manner and thus reveals the ongoing and dynamic nature of revealed truth."