How to enter Srivasa Angan

Braja-sundari Dasi - December 20, 2013 3:10 am

Guru Maharaj put this comment on FB, under the link to one of his latest classes (http://swamitripurari.com/2013/12/caitanya-caritamrta-adi-lila-7-6-part-2-devotees-appearing-as-devotees/)




Swami Tripurari In Gaura-lila Srivasa Thakura appears as an elder of Sri Caitanya. His courtyard hosts the eternal nocturnal rasa kirtana of Nadiya. Entry into this courtyard and Guara’s kirtana is reserved for highly qualified devotees. However, Sri Caitanya took hissankirtana from the courtyard of Srivasa to the streets of every town and village to show the way to enter the courtyard of Srivasa in rasa kirtana.

Just as Krsna’s Mathura and Vraja lilas point back to the super excellence of the Vraja-lila, similarly Sri Caitanay’s sannyasa lila causes him to leave Nadiya, and in doing so he shows the way that all souls can enter his rasa kirtana in Nadiya hosted by Srivasa Thakura. That way is Sri Krsna nama sankirtana that cleanses the heart and leads naturally to the lila smaranam we find Sri Caitanya absorbed in the his final days in Jagannatha Puri. Following him through this progression, one gains entrance to the kirtana hall of Srivasa Thakura, in which Gaura revealed to his associates their Vraja-lila identities.

Form the perspective of Garua-lila, the sadhaka’s ideal is to enter into this kirtana. Indeed, all of the teachings and examples set by Mahaprabhu in his sannyasa lila—sambandha jnana—properly understood and realized serve as the ground on which that courtyard kirtana proceeds and on which Nimai Pandita dances in ecstasy, completely at home in the house of Srivasa Thakura. That which Sri Krsna Caitanya experiences in his final hours in the Gambhira on the Puri seaside that renders him unapproachable is fully available in the privacy of Srivasa angan, where Nimai Pandita devoid of aisvarya preforms his madhurya kirtana in the intimacy of srivasa adi gaura bhakti vrinda.