Madhuvan's high season

Gaurasundara Dasa - August 31, 2015 2:58 pm

As summer in the northern hemisphere is coming to an end the devotees at Madhuvan would like to extend an invitation to all our friends for a visit. Swami Tripurari will be at Madhuvan from the 15 th of December until the end of February. This time of year is a perfect time to get away from the cold of the north and take advantage of the sunny weather and blue skies of Costa Rica's dry season. Swami generally speaks 3 times a week with an additional question and answer conference call on Sundays. There are plenty of activities to do both within Madhuvan and in Costa Rica in general. Beach trips, swimming at Dauji kund and the local waterfalls, tropical prasada and sadhu sanga are mainstays. We have 5 cabins available, all with attached bathrooms, prices range from 25$ to 50$ per night. Breakfast, lunch and evening prasada are included. The sliding scale system seeks to be fair and it also asks devotees to be fair. If they genuinely have less, they pay less. If they actually can afford more, they pay more. Pick up and drop off at Liberia International airport happen once a week on Thursdays or can be arranged for a transportation fee.This is the high season in Costa Rica so please consider reserving in advance.

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