"Only love's love for truth is truly love."

Brahma Samhita Das - January 12, 2019 1:02 pm

Jaya Saraswati!

Mother of wise sages and divine aesthetics.
Mother of all mother tongue.

A Word is more then just a word.
Before dressed in any language,
before she is heard.
She is promised to truth.

When words are kept, they become alive in you, generating Trust and affection.
When such words meet each other in the confluence of hearts free from envy.
They form poetry, song and dance to the steady rhythm of conclusive philosophy.


The wise inquire the wise about the nature of wisdom.

 When such sincere inquiry meet with a humble sage, well versed in vedic revelation

words spring alive with a voice of their own


Listen with the swanlike sages as they listen to the song of the words dancing on their tongues.

They dance to a subtle melody that stream from the bamboo flute of the absolute.


Truths play is blissful forever! every day a new adventure.

Not some dry philosophy.
Truth aligned with thought, word and deed,
as straight as a staff of bamboo reeds.

Our destination is a world where words have conscious feeling forms.
Their inner meaning seen.
There "Love" is the supreme queen and "Truth" is king

Only love's love for truth is truly love.
Truth is, love fulfills truth with purpose.