Daivi Saraswati vs Daivi Laxmi - Srila BR Shridhar Maharaj

Brahma Samhita Das - June 8, 2019 4:35 pm
This apparent conflict of the Goddesses seems to reflect amongst devotees (Bhajananandis, Gostianandis)
or sometimes as a conflict within one devotee...
Dev: There was another question that he had that general thing. Saraswati sometimes considered the wife of Lord Brahma. And understood Lord Brahma was alone at that time. So she from Vaikuntha gave this mantra and then his wife Saraswati appeared later, perhaps?
SM: That may not be the same Saraswati. The extension. When Saraswati came direct from Narayana to Brahma and by the will of Narayana that same Saraswati came out of Brahma for the public as originally _ _ _ by Narayana. It may be taken is such a way. Ordinary people say this Saraswati is subservient to Brahma. That may be the outer aspect. And real Saraswati cannot but be the direct potency of Narayana. 
Dev: Another question came that sometimes said that Saraswati is opposed to Laxmi. 
SM: Laxmi is the potency of _ _ _ comfort. But Saraswati is the potency and Laxmi giving comfort position. But Saraswati which is coming out of Narayana, always meant for the help of others. So if Laxmi collects energy from Narayana, so-called, but Saraswati taking energy from Him and spreading it out. So little antagonistic. One iis incarrying, another out carrying. Saraswati is always out carrying. She is not in-carrying service, always out-carrying. Laxmi devi she may not like that I am collecting energy and she is export and import. So they may have some feeling of so-called apparent apathy, the in-carrying and the out-carrying potency of Narayana. Laxmi she also has out-carrying to certain extent, still in-carrying. Whereas Saraswati has no in-carrying. She is only exporting. Sound exporting. To us sound may import but to Narayana no import necessary, always export through sound, sabda brahma.  _ _ _ external sound. Within sound everything. Air also, ether, the cause of the plane of sound is the finer and extensive and covering everything within it, in and out. Ether is in and out. Where is earth, there is ether. But where is only ether may not be earth or water _ _ _ . Saraswati out carrying the sound coming for the benefit of the environment. Laxmi devi is trying to give comfort to Narayana, eternally. Potency of different type we want to differentiate then it will be like this, sound. Sound coming from _ _ _ and Laxmi sustainer, little antagonistic. Radharani she is sometimes very disgusted with that flute. You give Your flute to me. The flute is the cause of all disturbance. So there was a conspiracy, you must take out the flute from Krsna amongst the gopis. That disturbs us most. The sound most disturbing. Always tries to disposes us of our own self. So flute is our enemy. Something like that. The flute, the sound. The Laxmi class the gopis they are also feeling disturbance, disgusted with the sound. _ _ _ position. The root of all disturbance in our heart. We don't care so much for you, not afraid of Your flute, the sound. So sweet by the sound, everything is upset. A little antagonistic there also. That is distributing, flute. I have also written in the meaning of Gayatri _ _ _ . In Gayatri it is a reflection of the flute, the sound of the flute of Krsna, the sweet sound, which can not only release us from all engagements, undesirable, but is helps us to engage in the accurate proper service of the Lord, positive and negative, two function, the sound, the gayatri. By singing the naming of which we get emancipation, liberation. But liberation has got the positive side, to have a definite engagement in the service of Krsna, self-determination. Svarupena vyavasthiti. It takes us to the svarupa. Proper function for the soul, inmost. That  _ _ _ of Krsna and the gayatri a perverted reflection here. Mahaprabhu's kirtana also to that effect. The flute of Krsna, the sankirtana of Mahaprabhu, the gayatri in the Veda, all. Their aim is all equal, interconnected. One is the highest positive, another in the middle, another in the lower position. Saraswati if most favorite of Krsna, the sound God. And His heart is full up with Krsna. And my sources, my everything is there _ _ _ . Another verse, and who uses her for their satisfaction of local interest, he wants to punish him, in this way Bhaktivinode _ _ _ . Really all sound speak of Krsna, all sound. And who is leading stray from Krsna bhakti that sort of words and sounds I want to kick on that. Bhaktivinode Thakura. On the head of that _ _ _ . Without any reservedness kick on the head of that sort of sound _ _ _ what does not take us towards Krsna.
Brahma Samhita Das - June 8, 2019 6:36 pm

I dont understand this text... very cryptic to me

Braja-sundari Dasi - June 12, 2019 7:02 am

Very beautiful! Could it be that the "conflict" is for the sake of lila but from the point of view of tattva there is no conflict? Gopis may "hate" the flute but they are also eager to hear it.