Sri Sri Rama Krsna verse

Braja-sundari Dasi - August 23, 2019 8:39 pm

Guru Maharaj shared this beautiful verse, written by our Godbrother Sastra -vani on FB and I just don`t want it to disappear there...


gāḍha-prema-rasānvitau sulalitau snigdhau maheśeśvarau

bandhū govraja-vāsinau paśu-nṛṇāṁ saṣjīvanau karṣakau

gopālau praṇayātma-gopa-sakhibhiḥ sāścarya-līlā-parau

śveta-śyāma-kiśorakau śaraṇa-dau śrī-rāma-kṛṣṇau bhaje


“I serve the shelter giving, youthful Sri Sri Rama Krsna. Of white and black luster, both beautiful and benevolent they are constituted of condensed prema-rasa. Masters of great masters, they live in cow pastures! They are the very life of the humans, animals, and inanimate and attract one to themselves. They are gopalas absorbed in astounding lilas with their gopa-sakhas, whose entire person is composed of pranaya.”

Vamsidas - August 26, 2019 1:57 am

Thank you for posting this here. Any nuances and intricacies within the sanskrit are sadly beyond me, but Sastra-vani's composition is wonderful in its content.