Early Photos of Guru Maharaja

Vrindaranya Dasi - April 19, 2005 7:03 pm

Bhakta Fred kindly sent us a DVD of pictures from the Bhaktivedanta Archives that have Guru Maharaja in them. I've been looking through them, and the thing that really struck me is how apparent Guru Maharaja's sincerity is from the very beginning. These photos graphically reveal what one should be like in order to make the advancement in spiritual life: you can almost see where people will end up by how interested or disinterested they look in early pictures. Fascinating!


The photo below is the earliest I've seen of Guru Maharaja—he's wearing a white dhoti!—and just see his ectastic absorption!!!


Vrindaranya Dasi - April 19, 2005 7:06 pm



Shyam Gopal Das - April 19, 2005 7:25 pm

WE WANT MORE, please! :D

Vrindaranya Dasi - April 20, 2005 1:21 am



Vrindaranya Dasi - April 20, 2005 1:26 am

Listening deeply in order to memorize the class.


Vrindaranya Dasi - April 20, 2005 1:42 am

Holding the beads for an initiation ceremony.


Babhru Das - April 20, 2005 7:14 am

Oh, these are great! I'm guessing they're 1973. I remember that Swami was still wearing white (actually a lot of us in the grihastha ashram wore yellow polyester dhotis then) when I came to LA from the Big Island in February of '73 (or late January). I don't remember when he dyed his cloth, but in the last pic it looks as though he's wearing the same kurta, enhanced by Rit.

Bijaya Kumara Das - April 21, 2005 5:27 am

Wounderful post.


Keep up the exstacy

Nanda-tanuja Dasa - September 30, 2005 2:38 am

Look what I found. Pretty cool :D


Babhru Das - September 30, 2005 3:05 am

Very cool! I don't remember noticing that about the cover of Chuck's book. And Maharaja is front and center! I knew Chuck Brooks a long time ago, before he became an academic. He was a West Point Graduate who was a captain in the Army when he became involved with ISKCON in Honolulu. Later, he lived out in the country and had really long hair. I remember reading his MA thesis, written for the University of Hawaii. I think this book was based on his PhD dissertation. I've since lost track of him.

Bijaya Kumara Das - October 2, 2005 7:31 am

I have the book

Rafal Bulawicki - October 3, 2005 1:02 pm

thanks for that post.I v never seen these pictures :D

Jananivasdas - December 25, 2005 5:40 pm


i was just checking this site and it has nice photos of prabupada in vrindavan...



then i saw this picture wich is here as an attachement.. ;)


Shyam Gopal Das - December 26, 2005 9:54 am

i used that one on my new website, which is currently being developed, almost done though!