sankirtana on haight St.

Jason - April 30, 2005 4:53 pm



Dear devotees:


I know this is really late, but that's how things go sometimes. Today, Sat. 4/30, about 6 devotees will be distributing books on Haight St. here in SF. Vaisesika prabhu has arranged, through the San Jose temple, for several groups of people to go out on the weekends and distribute books in different areas. It's happening in San Jose, Santa Cruz, Palo Alto (yesterday with harinam too I believe), and now SF!


Vaisesika will be there along with Satyadeva (ACBSP), Bh. Jorge and myself...perhaps a few more. We'll be floating aroung upper Haight (probably between Masonic and Stanyan) this afternoon.


To avoid permits, I don't think we will have a table set up though.


This is something that we're trying to do regularly, so if your interested in "taking to the streets", let me know.


I'm taking a ton of SSR's and Nectar Of Instructions as well as some of Swami's books (for those who seem really serious and interested).


It's a great way to meet interested people and help to raise some funds for Audarya!


yours in devotion,




Tonite, there's a huge kirtan concert in the city with Krishna Das (the kirtaneer). yeah, he's a bit impersonal but I've made arrangements to meet him to give him some books. Jorge and I may take him some prasadam too!

Jason - May 1, 2005 12:22 am

So, book distribution was really nice today. Haight St. was pretty crowded, and there were 6 devotees (Vaisesika, Gadadhara das, Paraka Brahma das, Satyadeva das, Bh. Jorge and myself). Krsna reminded me what a humbling experience it can be! It's hard to get people to even look at you; much less stop and check out a book. Vaisesika prabhu is AMAZING! People flock to him. He must have gone through an entire box of books, while I was struggling!


Anyway, I was trying for a few hours and managed to get about 6 books out. After everyone split for the day, I managed to sell 2 more waiting for the bus.


I'm sure it has everything to do with the fact that I'm not putting the needed focus and effort into my sadhana. It's a reminder to get with the program! If I'm doing my rounds and reading effectively and sincerely, then I'm not getting the "experiential" aspect. If I'm not feeling it, then people can subtly pick up on that.


distributing books reminds me that I need to be that outgoing and polite and sincere with people ALL THE TIME, not just when I want people to make a donation.


So, I managed to get a yoga student (on his way to yoga class) to make a donation and get a copy of Swami's "Rasa" and "Joy Of Self". He said he studied Vedic philosophy a little bit, and was interested in more! I gave him my contact info and said that maybe this summer we can get Swami down here for some programs!


It was a nice day.


Next weekend I will try again....



Swami - May 1, 2005 2:02 pm

Jaya brhad mrdunga! Good to hear of your enthusiasm and success. I like the idea of setting up a table and letting people approach on their own. You might aks Whole Foods and Rainbow Grocery if they will let you set up a table in front of their stores once a month to raise money for your monastery. Brahma dasa also owns a commercial building on 24th Street in Noe Valley. That would be a good location. If you can develop this, we can send some monks down from Audarya to join you from time to time.

Jason - May 1, 2005 4:16 pm

Maharaja and devotees:




I agree about book tables! This is less "intrusive" and aestethically more professional. Vaisesika is ideally working out permits with the city to do just that.


Bh. Jorge has distributed books in Noe Valley and says that it's a great spot (there are many yoga centers there and the residents of that neighborhood seem to be more open to spiritual topics). I would love to hear from Brahma about setting up a table there too! I'm sure Vaisesika would love the idea of more people distributing in the area! If this could help raise some funds for Audarya, I'm all over it!


I will try to contact Brahma and see what we can do. I wonder if one needs a permit if they own the building where the book table is set up?





Jason - May 2, 2005 3:35 am



I thought that you would all find this interesting. This is how Vaisesika prabhu is encouraging all the sankirtana teams to report back and write summaries of the day/locations events. This goes to show how many people are still interested in spiritual topics. These numbers only represent a few hours of distribution. Granted, Vaisesika is amazing at what he does, but he's teaching others how to do it too!


Swami is right about the book table idea and looking into Noe Valley. If a few devotees could do it a few times a month on the weekends, we could stand to generate some nice donations for Audarya! If anyone's in need of books to distribute, I have access to quite a few from the Prison Ministry, and I believe Vrindavan das has access to books at a discount (of some sort) from the BBT! I know the forces are few at Audarya, but to those of us who are grhasthas, it could be a great way to help them with not a huge requirement of time???!!!






Dear Prabhus,

pamho agtSP

Haight Street Team (Satyadeva Prabhu, Paraka Brahma, Gadadhara, and

Vaisesika)* distributed the following books yesterday:


Science of Self realisation hardbond -- 2 ps.

Srimad Bhagavad Gita hardbond -- 6 ps.

Glory of India -- softbound 5 ps.

Sri Isopanisad --softbound 5 ps.

Perfection of Yoga -- 3 ps.

Sri Upadesamrita -- softbound 7 ps.

Beyond death... -- softbound 2 ps.

Higher taste -- softbound 1 ps.

Coming back.. -- softbound 1 ps.


Collection was $165.00




*Also part of the Haight Street team yesterday: Bk. Jorge and Bk.

Jason (They brought their own books and so we don't have their scores yet)




Scouting report:


We found Haight Street to be quite busy all day Saturday. We met lots

of very receptive people; this is a great place to meet young people

who are searching for meaning in life and are open to Krsna

Consciousness. Also, prasadam distribution was brisk since there are

numerous street dwellers in the Haight St. area who are always eager

to get prasadam. To the delight of the local inhabitants, we gave out

tons of cookies and corn muffins.


The spot could/should be worked regulary and can hold at least 5



Bk. Jorge is in the process of investigating what we need to qualify

for a permit so that we can set up a table in the Haight. We will

report his progress as we hear from him.






When a person bought a book yesterday, we took an extra couple of

minutes to teach him (or her) the Mahamantra asking him/her to repeat

it once. People seemd to enjoy this as did we.

After selling the book we'd ask: "Do you believe in the power of

mantra or prayer?"

Them: "Yes."

Us: "Then please follow along (showing Mahamantra on card) and repeat

after me. I'll teach you this acient prayer/mantra that has immense

power and will bring you happiness and good fortune."





Go Go Go!

Hare Krsna.

Your servant,

Vaisesika dasa