Bhakta Ivar - October 13, 2005 9:11 am

“First there was water, then there was air, then there will be dirt (earth), then there will come fire”. (Mayan High Priest Elder Carlos Barrios, october 2005)


Hare Krishna,


Some temples are situated near volcanoes. I would urgently advice them to somehow stay informed, preferably on a daily basis, about all activity of their nearby sleeping volcanoes. It has been scientifically ascertained that the magnetic field of the Earth's core and mantle are shifting, just like the magnetic field of the Sun has changed immensely these last few months. We have seen many natural disasters these last few weeks. Water, air, earth. Next is fire. Serve Sri Krishna, and be prepared.




P.S. On the added thumbnail below you can see that the Global Grid (a network based on the 5 Platonic Solids, with Gizah as the Prime Meridian), has point 12 exactly where the earthquake took place. Notice that it took place on the 6th day after the solar eclipse, just like the earthquake of Turkey took place on the 6th day after a solar eclipse.


Shyam Gopal Das - October 13, 2005 4:14 pm

Yes Ivar, we are all going to die and we shouldn't just watch volcanoes but also traffic lights when crossing the street. Death is all around and as such we should live our lives accordingly.

Bhakta Ivar - October 14, 2005 8:40 am

Your example is very useful. A traffic light doesn’t just jump from green to red. It warns the driver first by going orange. When you see an orange traffic light you prepare yourself by slowing down or hitting the breaks. My point is that we’re now experiencing a global and even solar orange light, and we need to react. We are very respectful of Bhumi and Surya in scripture and songs, so should we not be respectful and hear what they’re saying right now? Because they are communicating something, quite clearly.


Death can happen any day and in any way, I agree. But I’m not saying “we’re all going to die!” No, I’m saying that it’s time to be prepared, because some of us may otherwise die. Death is an illusion, but it’s still a waste of valuable time (for the sadhaka, who has not fully realised God yet). Being developed in a womb and then wasting fifteen years or more as a child, before being mature enough for religious thought and spiritual development, it is ultimately a waste of time, especially if the death could have been avoided.


If I’m not a doomsayer, then what am I? Well, for one thing I’m an astrologer and astronomer, and thus I firmly believe in the energetic connection that exists between the cosmos and our gross and subtle physical bodies. I also know that there are such things as magnetic fields in planets and stars such as the Earth and Sun, and that our bodies are very sensitive to magnetic fields and all kinds of radiation (vibration). Extreme changes have recently been observed on all the visible planets, including our planet Earth. It’s not primarily an environmental issue, because there’s no pollution on planets like Mars, while global warming is still observed. It’s a solar issue, and ultimately a spiritual issue.


It’s is quite possible to survive the coming Earth changes. One simply needs to be prepared (for example storing sufficient water and canned foods), and stay informed. Gross materialists do not believe that these disasters have anything to do with consciousness. Very few of them will prepare. But Vaisnavas understand that everything in this universe is regulated according to the laws of the Supreme. They know there are such things as Ages (yugas), and that these ages are related to the stars and planets (“When the constellations of the seven sages [the Big Dipper] is passing through the lunar mansion Magha, the age of Kali begins.” S.B.12.2.30). Based on astronomy, scripture, and the Mayan calander, we know that there is going to be some kind of shift, a new age. Not the age of Aquarius, not Satya yuga, but some significant change, that will affect our body, mind and consciousness. It’s said by reliable sources that it will be an improvement, an upgrade, closer to God. Our bodies are nothing but energy at certain vibrations, and when our environment changes its energy and vibration, we will change. Right now the upgrading is going on, but it will not be complete untill December 2012. Life on Earth may be rough during this intermediate level. As Vaisnavas we are not disturbed by that. We chant and preach untill life on Earth is peaceful again. Yet we do go through life carefully. We stop for traffic lights and we make sure we don’t get stuck in catastrophies.


It is absolutely certain, based on scientific understanding of the Earth’s core, mantle and magnetic fields, and their interaction with those of the Sun, that there are going to be significant earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, more and more as we approach 2012.


I wish you all well.