bhakti collective/ Graham Schweig

Shyam Gopal Das - November 6, 2005 7:52 pm

Has anyone heard about the bhakti collective? and the new book, dance of divine love that is coming out? http://www.bhakticollective.com/

any thoughts?

Babhru Das - November 6, 2005 9:08 pm

Graham Schweig is Garuda das. I don't know just what his connection is with ISKCON these days. But it looks as though he's trying to broaden understanding of our perspective on the bhakti tradition in the academic arena. I haven't seen his work. Maybe Bhrigu or Swami know more about what he's up to.

Madangopal - November 7, 2005 1:27 am

I don't know what the bhakti collective is, it seems from the website to be just a one time program. Garuda is a scholar devotee who teaches in Virginia Beach at a university there. He is just starting to come out with some books that are from a scholarly angle and for the devotee community as well. From what I hear from other scholarly types, this work is quite well done. It is published by Princeton, very prestigious. It discusses the rasa dance, which some might see as a bold step...


As for his relationship with ISKCON , he does hail from a Prabhupada/ISKCON foundation but I wouldn't call him a groupie. He's not very outspoken about this type of stuff.

Shyam Gopal Das - November 14, 2005 8:57 pm

the introduction of the book can be downloaded from http://www.pupress.princeton.edu/chapters/i7974.pdf


I think the bhakti collective is a group of people organizing events at an ashtanga yoga/ganesha temple in new york.

Babhru Das - November 14, 2005 9:23 pm

My guess is that the Bhakti Collective is Garuda's organization for promoting his work.