Appreciation for TV members

Babhru Das - December 23, 2005 2:50 am

For those who weren't able to participate in today's Sanga call, I'd like to share (and echo) Swami's words of appreciation for Archana-siddhi and Karnamrita. While remaining "card-carrying," very actively involved members of ISKCON and living in an ISKCON community, they have been intrepid in sharing their appreciation for--indeed, their faith in--our Swami. We all know about their having invited him to their home for the past few years, and inviting other devotees to experience for themselves the qualities in him that have drawn us all together. Their example of generosity, broad vision of Krishna consciousness, and courageous championing of Swami's vision serve as an example to us all.

Babhru Das - December 23, 2005 8:57 pm

I'd also like to suggest that we may all use this thread to express appreciation for contributions made to Swami's mission by our members. We sometimes hear of the things the Audarya staff do, but I'd like to hear more about what others are doing as well.

Karnamrita Das - December 24, 2005 4:02 pm

It is the nature of Sadhus to be very generous in their appreciation of even the slightest good qualtities in others. I take Swami's and Babhru's generosity on my head. Even though we may not agree with someone's appreciation of us, we can acknowledge their vision of what we can become. :) We can be humbled and give credit to our Gurus and Sri Gour Nityananda!!


I share with you the thoughts I wrote to Swami in thanking him for his kind words to my wife and I.


I haven't really done anything special or extraordinary. I have only followed my bliss or taste. As Swami has said our taste will lead us, and so it has!! I started getting the Sanga which somehow found it's way to me, then the books and CDs and then I invited him to come to Baltimore which he suprisingly did. Then it has only gotten better and better. I have never really worried what "they" thought about Swami. Call it out of touch or I don't know what, but I just couldn't have enough of GM's talks, and I wanted to share the taste. He is the only person I don't tire of hearing. His talks about Krsna lila and Gaura lila are totally captivating. ......Though it may be an impossibility I want everyone to taste this nectar and hear from our affectionate and nectar producing Swami. I pray he will be allowed to speak here in PV at the Temple as well so he can come for a major festival!!


dasanudas Karnam

Babhru Das - December 24, 2005 8:10 pm

Okay--I know y'all have been peeking at this thread! If you know of things others have done--or would like to share what you have done--to help advance Swami's mission in Mahaprabhu's service, why not share? If any of the Polish devotees log on here, let us know what you're up to there! I think that some of the Polish devotees' English is quite good, and those of you who worry that your English might be a little rough, please be assured that we're all family here and we would appreciate your contributions.


As far as Karnam's claims that what he has done is no great shakes, I'd like to suggest another view. Of course, we follow our own hearts, and I also cared very little for what others thought. Still I was, at least when I gave classes at the ISKCON temple, a little cicumspect about the extent of the relationship I was developing with Swami. By a little circumspect, I mean that I didn't often cite him by name when I gave class (although I did sometimes mention his name, and Srila Sridhar Maharaja's). But just about everyone at the temple knew of my regard for him (I think I've told the story about his visit to the San Diego temple, and how I planned to ask him to give class in my place, too many times), and whenever someone would ask me afterward about where I got an idea or insight, I would tell them. Often, they may have been insights I've gained over the years that were confirmed by things Swami said, and at least as often they were things that, when I heard them from him, I knew they were right. It was sometimes more of a dance than I enjoy, but I thought that, as long as I was there, I should use the regard the devotees had for me to inject into the temple community's consciousness some of the deeper understandings given by our guru varga.


Karnam and Archana, on the other hand, seem not to have any sense of caginess. While remaining much more deeply involved in ISKCON than I have been since 1985, when I more or less left, they have also remained completely open about their love for our Swami. I think that speaks volumes of their faith.

Nanda-tanuja Dasa - December 24, 2005 8:59 pm

I just want to add one more praise to Karnamrita and Archana-siddhi for setting up Thursday calls with Swami. Just want to tell you that it’s very important for me to hear his voice and feel his presence on weekly basis. Thank you for this. I’m very happy to participate (mostly as silent listener though, so shame on me).

Dhiralalita - December 25, 2005 5:35 pm

I also apreciate Karnamrita and Archana-siddhi very much. They are my ideal for vaishnava couple householder working in harmony together. It is rare and precious and the results are very good. Their service to Sripad Tripurari is also unswerving and dedicated and that speaks of very good taste as well. :)

Dhiralalita - December 25, 2005 5:38 pm
I just want to add one more praise to Karnamrita and Archana-siddhi for setting up Thursday calls with Swami. Just want to tell you that it’s very important for me to hear his voice and feel his presence on weekly basis. Thank you for this. I’m very happy to participate (mostly as silent listener though, so shame on me).


Nanda Tanuja listening in silence is LISTENING and that is service in itself. Please never doubt it!

Karnamrita Das - December 26, 2005 6:11 pm

Hopefully this thread will uncover the glories of many other tattva-vivekis. I hope we can hear about the many wonderful devotees here who we don't usually hear about.....at least only in certain ways.


I appreciate Babhrus' contribution to teaching Bhati-Rasamrta Sindhu. Teaching and learning the scriptures is an important part of our spiritual practice, and I know the amount of work that goes into preparing such courses. Also Babhurs response to D Swamis criticism of GM's Gita was very well reasoned, articulate, thoughtful, and important to defend such a great work and person!!!


I have to add a word about my wife and I in regards to being open about our connection with Swami. Everyone knows about it, but when I give class I am not in everyones face about it. Although much of what I say, I heard from Swami, I NEVER say it is directly from him. If I did that I woujld loosse most of my audience. A little tact is important. In like a needle out like plow And, example and the words themselves are better than quoting our sources for influencing devotees. Disturbing the devotees minds is not favorable. Of course sometimes we do speak about Swami, but carefully and thinking that our character reflects our relationship with him. We always consider the nature and faith of our audiance.


dasanudas Karnam

Bhrigu - January 2, 2006 3:52 pm

I would like to add my appreciation of Kamalaksa and Krishangi here in Finland. They have just pulled off another very successful retreat, something demanding huge amounts of planning, energy, patience and quite a bit of money as well. These two devotees are very unassuming as far as their devotional life goes, but the fact is that they are very much the central pillars of Guru Maharaja's movement in Finland, and their devotion to him is huge. Likewise, they are very dear to Guru Maharaja. When Krishangi the other day asked Guru Maharaja how she should change to better please him, he did give some suggestions, but he made it very clear that he wanted her to remain in her present situation and continue as before. "I like you just as you are". I do so too, K & K!


(And sorry for polluting the consciousness of Kamalaksa with all the Simo Häyhä and other war-stuff, Krishangi! But Kamalaksa wasn't exactly an unwilling victim... ;))