Kamalini-devi Dasi - January 9, 2006 4:20 am

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In the purport to S.Bhag. 1.1.3, Srila Prabhupada describes the 12 varieties of rasas. Then, "The sum total of all these rasas is affection or love...There is no possibility of an exchange or rasa between a man and an animal or between a man and any other species of living beings within the material world. The rasas are exchanged between members of the same species...The spiritual exchange or rasa is fully exhibited in spiritual existence between livings and the Supreme Lord".


Some people love their pets more than any other people, and they feel loving exchanges with them, like their pets understand them or something like that.


I sell canendars during the holiday season and calendars with pictures of dogs are by far our most popular ones. One lady who works at the mall where I work told me that her dog died in the summer, and "Quite frankly, if I had a choice between my dog and my husband dying, I would prefer my husband died." Another lady purchased a calendar for her husband. "He loves his dog more than me. If one of us had to go, I know for sure who it would be." People grieve for months and years after they loose their dear pet.


Lord Krsna is experiencing rasa with all the different species, but as far as material relationships, or rasas. it seems as though people do have deep "affection and love" for their pets. Why is it not rasa?