Vyasa Puja 2006

Gauravani Dasa - March 13, 2006 5:03 am
Igor - March 13, 2006 8:43 am

Dear Gauravani there is error in my offering that is posted on the site.

In the poem on the site verse 2 is written two times and verse 3 is not there

In the original as I posted to you it should be:


bhaktivedanta swami karena nama sankirtana

prema vristi tribhuvane sabare duvaya



bhaktiraksaka sridharadeva gaura-bhava-purnananda

gaurangera carana vinu nahi jane ara


So please could you change it.Thank you.All glories to Guru Maharaja.

Igor - March 13, 2006 10:54 am

Dear Gauravani, could you please fix errors in offering. Now there are 3 identical verses and there should be one! I wrote this poem for Gurudeva's satisfaction so I am humbly asking you to fix that error. Here is original offering once again. Thank you.


Dear Gurudeva,

On this most auspicious day of your appearance please accept this

garland of verses. You changed my hearth like no one before and I am

praying to become real servant in your mission in some lifetime. I am

trying to escape, to run away, but creepers of love and affection that

you planted in my hearth are stronger then my foolish mentality. Only by

your mercy this fool is still have some hope to one day entirely

surrender to your divine will and mission.

With love, Igor



Fruit of love distribution song



prema-phala svade gaura unmatta ha-ila

priya-sena-pati bhakta visva pathaila



bhaktivedanta swami karena nama sankirtana

prema vristi tribhuvane sabare duvaya



bhaktiraksaka sridharadeva gaura-bhava-purnananda

gaurangera carana vinu nahi jane ara



antaranga-kinkara-srestha tripurari swami

gauracandra pranadhana sankirtana-dhari



ei-mata mahajana prema-phala-vitarana

dekhi’ gaura malakara nace nirantara



sri gurun gauranga caranera mora bala

sabadhana pada-padme koti namaskara






Tasting fruits of love of Godhead, Lord Gaura became transcendentally

mad and He dispatched His most beloved, great devotees to this world

to preach the bhakti cult.



Srilla A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada performed congregational

chanting of the holy name of the Lord and rain of prema, love of Godhead

over floated all three worlds.



Srilla Bhaktiraksaka Sridharadeva Maharaja was full of love and

transcendental feelings for Lord Gaura and he did not know anything

beyond lotus feet of Lord Gauranga.



Their most confidential and most prominent servant is B.V. Swami

Tripurari. His only life and wealth is Lord Gauracandra and he is

upholder of sankirtana movement.



Those great souls are distributing supreme fruit of love and by seeing

that, transcendental gardener Lord Gaura is constantly dancing in




The transcendental lotus feet of those spiritual masters and lotus feet

of Lord Gauranga are my strength. With greatest attention I offer

millions of respectful obeisances unto their lotus feet.

Panchatattva - March 13, 2006 12:29 pm

I've started my morning by reading some of the Vyasa-puja offerings. What nice devotees! What a wonderful family, Gurumaharaj has created. I am moved by the sentiments and realizations.


Happy Vyasa-puja! everyone.

Babhru Das - March 13, 2006 1:53 pm

I'm afraid that I got my offering to Gauravani too late, so here it is, with my apologies to him, to Swami, and to all the devotees:


siddhantotpala-sara-nitya-rasikam hamsam vilasatmakam

audaryakhya-sudhama-sevaka-dhanam visrambha-bhakti-pradam

yacna-yukti-vicaksanam tv aghabhido vaisista-saktyah sada

vande 'ham tripurari-namaka-yatim sri-bhaktivedantinam

I worship Swami Sri Bhaktivedanta Tripurari, that swanlike devotee who always playfully relishes the nectar of the lotus blossoms of conclusive knowledge. He is the treasure of the servants of Audarya dhama and the bestower of confidential devotion. Being specially empowered by Aghabhid, he is expert at the art of canvassing.


prasida suhrid artanaà prasidaudarya-dharine

raga-soka-bhujangena dastam mam uddhara guro

Please be kind to me, dear friend to the distressed. Be kind, my guide, O reservoir of munificence, and deliver me, for I have been bitten by the snake of attachment and lamentation.


Dear Swami,


I have no standing to glorify you, either today or any other day. However, I can try to express some small portion of the appreciation I have come to feel for your place in the world and in my life. As a great beacon on the path of progressive surrender to Lord Krishna. We know that our spiritual advancement may be understood by the depth of our faith, and you have told us that progressive surrender is the practical expression of faith. Saranagati, you said, makes concrete that which may otherwise seem abstract.


Of saranagati Srila Sridhar Maharaja writes,

nanyad icchanti tat pada-, rajah-prapanna-vaisnavah

kincid apiti tat tasyah, sadhyatvam ucyate budhaih

Because the devotees who have surrendered unto the dust of the lotus feet of the Lord never aspire for anything else whatsoever, the learned affirm that surrender is the goal of all endeavors.


bhava-duhkha-vinasas ca, para-nistara-yogyata

param padam prapattyaiva, krsna-sampraptir eva ca

Only by surrender to the Lord can one gain freedom from the miseries of material existence; fitness to deliver others from those miseries; the holy abode of Lord Visnu; and the devotional service of Lord Krsna.


He writes further,

sakrt pravrtti-matrena prapattih sidhyatiti yat

lobhotpadana-hetos tad alocana-prayojanam

Since surrender is achieved by turning to the refuge of the Lord just once, we should earnestly discuss the subject to enable the longing for surrender to be born in us.


api tad anakulyadi-sankalpady-anga-laksanat

tad anusilaniyatvam, ucyate hi mahajanaih

Furthermore, since the constituent parts of surrender—based on acceptance of the favorable and rejection of the unfavorable—have been referred to by authorities and cited in the Scriptures, the great devotees of the Lord teach us the necessity of studying and culturing the art of surrender.


bhavarti-pidyamano va bhakti-matrabhilasy api

vaimukhya-badhyamano 'nya-gatis tac charanam vrajet

One who is severely afflicted by fear of living in the material world, or, one who, despite having an aspiration for the Lord's service is nonetheless bound with adversity - such persons, finding no alternative, surrender to the Supreme Personality of Godhead.


asrayantara-rahitye vanyasraya-visarjane

ananya-gati-bhedas tu dvi-vidhah parikirtitah

The state of finding no other alternative occurs in two ways: in the event of having no other shelter, or in the event of abandoning one's existing shelter.


mano-vak-kaya-bhedacca tri-vidha saranagatih

tasam sarvanga-sampanna sighram purna-phala-prada

nyunadhikyena caitasam taratamyam phale 'pi ca

One surrenders by thought, word, and deed. Complete surrender in all these aspects promptly affords full success. Otherwise, the fruit attained will be proportionate to the degree of one's surrender.


apurva-phalatvam -

vinasya sarva-duhkhani nija-madhurya-varsanam

karoti bhagavan bhakte saranagata-palakah

The unprecedented, gracious reward of surrender:

Being most affectionate toward His surrendered souls, the Supreme Lord totally dispels their unhappiness, graciously filling their hearts with His sweet absolute presence.


You exhort us to seek progress on this path, by your words, of course, but most clearly by your example. I remember the dedication you showed to book distribution when we were younger, and I find myself both embarrassed and inspired by the your current dedication to producing and distributing books, establishing communities of saragrahi vaishnavas, instructing your students and advising godbrothers and –sisters, serving the cows, and so much more. You exemplify progressive surrender and a progressive vision for practice and preaching. Our beloved guru maharaja, Srila Prabhupada, writes that we should mold our lives in such a way that we will be “able to progressively remember the Personality of Godhead in every step of life.” And you have shown us that doing so yields not dry abnegation, but a life full with blissful service. As Lord Krishna tells Uddhava,

martyo yada tyakta-samasta-karma

niveditatma vicikirsito me

tadamrtatvam pratipadyamano

mamatma-bhuyaya ca kalpate vai

“When the mortal being gives up all worldly attempts, completely offers himself to Me, and acts exclusively according to My desire, he attains to the state of nectar, or positive immortality. He is then accepted: he becomes qualified to enjoy the acme of divine ecstasy, united with Me as My family member.”


My own life has changed dramatically over the last couple of years in such a way that the illusion of any other shelter has evaporated. However, under your influence, I see this as a boon. Because you don’t just point the way on this path, but show the way, we all want to follow you. Saranagati is becoming, more and more, the core of my life. I hope that you will continue to urge my progress, always. Only to the extent my attempts succeed will I ever be able to properly glorify you and thank you for all you do.


Yours in service,

Babhru das

Shyam Gopal Das - March 14, 2006 4:22 pm

reading these offerings inspires me a lot!

Guru-nistha Das - March 14, 2006 7:29 pm

Really nice offerings... And definitely inspiring, like Syama Gopal said. These kind of days are great reminders for me of what I should embrace and what really matters. Thank you for refreshening my memory.