understanding material creation and its links

Vivek - September 6, 2006 4:52 pm

It is obviously impossible to understand the material creation perfectly and I dont intend to do that either!! But there were links between certain things in creation I wanted to clear out. On one side we have Mahavisnu glancing over material nature and we have Sambhu sum total of all jivas interacting with Sakti in mahatattva and then the conglommerate ego divides itself into individual units of consciousness as per karma of individual jiva.

On the other side we know that Mahavisnu is breathing out millions of universes which are composed in mahatattva and then each universe garbodakshaya visnu gives birth to first jiva which is brahma through whom jivas are put into different conditions according to their karma.

I was trying to understand the link between the two positions. Please help me with this.