das from east goes west

Madangopal - November 5, 2006 6:48 pm

I went to Audarya for the Govardhan Puja seva festival. It was the tail end of a marathon to have the temple covered. I had the fortune to put some nails in Gaura-Nityananda's temple, cook some things for the monks, take darshan of the cows and deities and most pleasurable was to see GM's enthusiasm for the manifestation of his heart.


Here are some pics of the visit:

twins.jpgsridama.jpgsrimati.jpgThese are the beauties, Sridama (red) and Srimati (white).


Vrin.jpgThe elusive (to the camera) Vrindaranya, heading up hard work in the garden.


foreman.jpgforemantri.jpg The foreman of the temple project: Citta Hari; resident acarya in the science of that triangle thing in his hand.


nistha.jpgmosh.jpg Guru Nistha, a man absorbed in GM's dream displaying some ecstatic symptoms in his construction bhava.


bhumi.jpg Bhumi, hoping to find scraps of cardboard around the construction site to snack on! ;)

temple.jpgin1.jpgin2.jpgInside views of the temple shortly before it was covered.

roof1.jpgroof2.jpgThese two pictures are finished product of the interior roof. This is what it will look like when you come visit for the grand opening. It is really beautiful.

Madangopal - November 5, 2006 7:08 pm

nama.jpg Nama-srestham; the new monk, high on seva (not the paint thinner seen at his feet!)

Jason.jpg NT.jpgvamsi.jpgJason, Nanda Tanuja and Vamsidhari: visiting sevaites. I missed pictures of Guru seva and Jason's wife (forgot her name).

GM.jpgGuru Maharaj overseeing, advising, approving, disapproving - absorbed in the seva.

GM_NT.jpgtour.jpgGuru Maharaj sharing his vision, associating with the visitors.


At one point while GM was taking people touring I commented about the work: "we're worshipping the raga marga while building a temple." He seemed to like that. Hearing so much of his commentary lately about the pujala ragapata gaurava bhange song, I couldn't help but think this while I was on the roof, hammering nails, sweating in the sun, using power tools... The service was totally enlivening and actually felt transcendental. I was participating in Audarya pastimes! It was so far from mundane work. Every day when GM would come down to look over the daily progress I would feel so happy to be spending my "vacation" time in this way.


Thanks to all who I was able to serve with. ;)

Madangopal - November 5, 2006 7:30 pm
Giri.jpg And finally, the king of the hill, who we worshiped with seva, lots of prasad and the feeding of the cows.
Vamsidhari Dasa - November 6, 2006 8:26 am

Thanks for the mention!

I think that das from the east should come to the west more often and maybe move here with dasi and little dasis. I know all the dasas and dasis here will realy like that, not to mention the cows. ;)


Jason - November 6, 2006 2:25 pm
I think that das from the east should come to the west more often and maybe move here with dasi and little dasis. I know all the dasas and dasis here will realy like that, not to mention the cows. ;)



I second that! Nice photos...hope to meet you again soon. :LMAO:

Vrindaranya Dasi - November 7, 2006 3:09 am

Thanks for the wonderful photos and commentary. They really captured the mood well.

Jason - November 7, 2006 6:39 am

I'll just say it here....being in a relationship with someone who isn't a practicing devotee often times becomes a sticky situation. I just wanted to thank the devotees who have been at Audarya the last few times we were there. My wife, Chris, who is officially in love with the cows, admittedly felt that the environment there was sweet and talks ALL THE TIME about when we can visit again (btw...I think we'll try and visit for Thanksgiving if that's ok?). I try to be a decent example of a devotee that can be level-headed and not fanatical, in hopes that she see's why I'm attracted to a philosophy that is so beautiful. But I know, just by how she's been acting, that there's something way more to it than that....it's Swami's kind words, Vrindaranya and Nanda-tanuja letting us help them in the garden and letting her feel the difference between mundane work and devotional service. It's her seeing how knowledgable Vrindaranya is about the cows and how you all have a relationship with them. It's the prasadam; the "mood" in the food, and her sensing the selflessness that goes into the process. It's her knowing that devotees don't have to be these abstract, strange people who she can't relate with. It's Guru-nistha and Citta-Hari being down to earth and her seeing that they work tirelessly on the temple to see Maharaja's vision of Audarya manifest. It's her seeing people like Prema and Rasaraja and the example that they set by being a cool devotee couple. She thought that Vamsi was funny the way he called Bhumi, "Bhumster" and fed her plates of lasagne! She likes the comics of Krsangi and wishes that she had that sort of creative ability. I guess it's just the overall feeling that you are all quite "normal"....yes, that IS a big deal....I mean, c'mon....we live in Berzerkeley!


Anyway....she just has a really nice opinion of all of you and thanks for that. Most of her previous encounters with devotees have been less than ideal; making it hard to want to know more, what to speak of getting involved.


kudos to you folks.

Madangopal - November 7, 2006 12:42 pm

I guess it's just the overall feeling that you are all quite "normal"....yes, that IS a big deal.

A big KI JAYA to normality; an unfortunately rare commodity in the world of devotees. And we have such a nice group of normal, yet mystical people. Yahoo!

Tadiya Dasi - November 9, 2006 5:35 pm

Wonderful photos - thanks! ;) I can almost feel the loving mood present there, just by looking.