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Bhrigu - November 12, 2006 8:33 pm

Just found this over at dandavats.com:


Gaurangi-priya dasi did a Bharat Natyam performance followed by 7-year old Krsnaya and 13-year old Ananda and Phanibhusana dasa did some short dramatic performances that inspired all to look more deeply into life’s meaning. A reporter from one of the local newspapers came and printed colored pictures on the front and back pages. Titled in large, bold print? Hare Krishna Festival!

Some weeks before the festival, a friend of the devotees, who is the co-editor of Latitude, a local magazine, wrote a wonderful article where he glorified the community and the Gaura Purnima festival he attended in early spring. He put in pictures of the temple program and of Citra and Mathura, a young, expecting couple, standing in their organic gardens along with their little Zebu cows, sheep, etc. The front cover featured a beautiful picture of Gaurangi-priya as she performed Bharata Natyam that evening. The article was so nice that Saathee, a magazine in Charlotte, asked to reprint it.


This must be our Gaurangi-priya! :)

Madangopal - November 13, 2006 1:02 am

Yes, it is our Gaurangi Priya! I've heard quite a few comments on this magazine cover from all over the state.



Gaurangi-priya Devi - November 14, 2006 6:01 pm

This must be our Gaurangi-priya! :Praying:


Awwww, I have a spiritual family! :) I feel fortunate to be recognized as, "our Gaurangi-priya". May I always be blessed with this company of Vaisnavas.