the infant form of krsna and its manifestation

Vivek - January 12, 2007 10:53 am

Regarding krsna's manifestation as an infant or a small boy I have heard that such manifestation takes place only when krsna appears on earth. In spiritual world he is eternally like a teenaged boy if i am correct. So is there a special significance of the form of krsna in damodar lila in that is can be soon only here in this material world. According to some acaryas in gaudiya tradition narayana generally incarnates as krsna but only in certain yuga(after many dvapura yugas) syayam bhagvan krsna descents. Is there scriptural support for this statement.


Also i am not very clear how dvarkanath krsna manifests love for his devotees in vrindavana sometimes as only syamasundara krsna manifests the exhanges with vrajavasis. How does vasudeva krsna also desire to meet devotees from vrindavan?